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Like a breath of fresh air through the flower world

A new style. A new touch. Floriette blows through the world of flowers like a breath of fresh air. Wildflowers by Floriette grew into a style icon in dried flowers within two years. A new face, but with more than forty years of experience in the industry. With passion for flowers and lifestyle. At the helm of a rapidly growing family business. With international exposure in at least 25 countries. Ready to shake up the traditional world of fresh flowers. We do that in our own personal way. With great ambitions and a commercial spirit. But also with style, passion and intuition. And as sustainable as possible.


‘From exclusive department stores and trendy concept stores to the big retailers’



Floriette’s flowers have numerous destinations. For example, our premium brand in dry flowers – Wildflowers by Floriette – can be found in luxury department stores and trendy concept stores and gift shops. With our label – Flowers by Floriette – and the private labels of customers, we do not shy away from large volumes of dry flowers and fresh flowers. We inspire the consumer. But our customers mainly include national and international wholesalers and export companies. These larger retailers also consciously opt for the Floriette vibe. Quality and creativity with a very recognizable signature: lifestyle.

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